Magic Rock Brewing is looking for a new Production Brewer to join our growing team.  As ever, our focus is on robust quality assurance and quality control procedures that will ensure that Magic Rock beers continue to be the best they can be, and that we continue to exemplify a culture of quality, creativity, and improvement.

We are looking for the ideal candidate to join the team who is as passionate about our beer as much we are.  For this position, you will have a strong track-record of promoting quality assurance, production efficiency and a positive work environment on the floor. You will be working with the team to prepare samples for analysis, ingredients for brewing, wort production, manage fermentations, prepare beer for transfer and package.  Additionally, you should have a strong knowledge of the brewing process with advanced knowledge in chemistry, microbiology and/or biochemistry.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring safe working environment and compliance with regulations, in a culture embracing safe working habits and risk mitigation.
  • Cellar management and workflow management.
  • Monitoring fermentations.
  • Yeast management including cell counts, cropping and propagation.
  • Beer separation
  • Wort production on 50hl manual brewhouse.
  • Assisting our quality assurance/control program including micro sampling, sensory and food safety compliance.
  • Keeping records up to date (Excel/Brewman Production/Brewman Management).
  • Ensuring clean working environment with clean as you go practices.

Experience and requirements

  • Positive and committed attitude.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong practical, organisational and problem-solving skills demonstrated through team-work and workflow management.
  • Experience analysing and improving beer production processes.
  • Minimum three years working in a brewery production, quality focused or engineering role.
  • IBD Diploma in Brewing, MSc Brewing, Food Science or Chemical Engineering degree or equivalent is strongly desired.
  • Understanding of the brewing and fermentation processes, brewing equipment.
  • Flexible schedule to work shifts with occasional weekend work.
  • Legal requirements to work in the UK.

This is full-time position, with a competitive salary. Must be able to do shift work and perform occasional weekend checks.  If you are interested in applying, please email your CV and cover letter to christa@magicrockbrewing.com.

Closing date for this position is 11th July.