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Thank you NHS ♥️

Thank you NHS ♥️

Just a little thanks for our NHS front line for their incredible work at this time. 

Our webshop already offers great discounts built-in; buying in bulk makes our beers serious value for money– 10% off six-packs and 15% off full cases, without you needing to go to the effort of digging out offer codes and making our beers great value year-round. 

But we wanted to do a little more to say thank you to our NHS workers at this time – so we’ll be offering a further 10% off (and free delivery for orders over £40!) to all NHS employees. 

E-mail webshop@magicrockbrewing.com with your ID to get your code! 

Just a small gesture for the enormity of the situation and resilience that you’re all showing at this time.

Thank you.