Strongman Barley Wine... - Magic Rock Brewing

Strongman Barley Wine... - Magic Rock Brewing

The third of this years special bottles is now available on the web shop. Strongman is a Barrel Aged Barley Wine which we created as a sideshow to our Un-Human Cannonball IIIPA brew back in April. We took a portion of the original 12% brew before it was dry hopped, and put it in a 500l Amontillado Sherry Cask from the Bodegas rey Fernando de Castilla in Jerez, Spain.

We’re really pleased with the results, the beer is a big and smooth, decadent sipper but by no means harsh to drink. It has a lovely depth of malt charachter and defined flavour from the barrel ageing. It’s possibly a beer that you’ll want to hold on to until the colder months and share. There were just 540 x 660ml bottles in the run and as this is another beer you might want to age, we’ve again finished the bottles off by wax sealing the tops. Tasting notes from the bottle are below:

Strong Man: Barley Wine 12%

Our sumptuous golden Barley Wine ‘Strongman’ hails from the same brew as our annual release IIIPA ‘Un-Human Cannonball’ . Using just our house pale Golden Promise malt the beer is then judiciously hopped with Centennial, Citra and CTZ whole hops in our hop back. However instead of assaulting the beer with dry-hops we then carefully age it in freshly emptied Amontillado Sherry casks until its ready to take the stage. The resulting beer is golden in colour with a rich pungent aroma and full palate, which gives way to rich fruit and brisk nutty flavours. Best drunk slightly cold a dry yet balanced finish delights the taste buds while a warming finish brings the curtains down…

Bottles are available from our web shop here