Rock Star - Magic Rock Brewing

Rock Star - Magic Rock Brewing

We brewed our first official collaborative beer today with a brewery we’ve been long time admirers of, Dark Star brewing from Sussex.

Dark Star have been making excellent innovative beers for over 15 years now and we were delighted when Mark the head brewer asked if we’d like to join up for a brew.

Emails were exchanged and it was decided we’d brew a US style Brown Ale, a beer which would be satisfyingly malty as well as intensely hoppy in character.

The recipe formulated by Mark and Stu used a fairly complex malt bill featuring some lovely speciality malts and obviously sack loads of some of our favourite hops.

The beer got a massive whack of whole hops in the hop back and will also be heavily dry hopped in conditioning. If it still needs hops we might also put it through our new Magic hop cannon which handily arrived this week.

Obviously there could only be one name for such an all ‘singing and dancing’ collaborative brew…

Rock Star ‘American Brown Ale’ will be available in cask and keg format and will be launched in a few weeks time simultaneously at The Grove, Huddersfield and The Evening Star in Brighton.

We’re really excited about the beer, the brew went really well and if the wort is anything to go by should taste great, here’s some pictures from the brew…