PakTech Recycle Scheme - Magic Rock Brewing

PakTech Recycle Scheme - Magic Rock Brewing

Help us to help the environment and get a little in return!

Our six-pack holders, made by PakTech, who work with full circular sustainability in mind – use 100% post-consumer recycled resin that is also 100% recyclable, reducing the amount of new plastic that is being manufactured and in turn, offering a product that can be reused again, and again… and again!

Have you got these hanging around at home? Support our mission to be more environmentally conscious, and to encourage reusing and recycling – Bring them to either Magic Rock Tap or Magic Rock Tap Holmfirth and exchange for a discount on your next six-pack! 5 packs = 5% and 10 packs = 10%

Not originally purchased from Magic Rock – no problem! We’ll accept any PakTech holders that are un a useable state, make sure they feature the PakTech logo.


*discount on core range beers only.