Magic Rock Brewing

Magic Rock Brewing

We all need a little Murk-Life Balance in our lives.

Bringing a little Haze into our core range. We welcome Murk-Life Balance, our perfectly rounded Hazy IPA that draws inspiration from haze lead, New England IPAs synonymous with full-bodied tropical fruit flavours and soft juicy bitterness.

This balanced Hazy IPA is heavily dry-hopped with a blend that imparts tropically dank and fruity flavour (think passion fruit, mango and with notes of orange) features a high proportion of wheat and oats to accentuate a soft, full mouthfeel and aids haze formation. Low bitterness, but high in flavour, this beer is for supping!

To the balancers, the free time jugglers; those that have it sussed and those that are working it out. This one is for you.

Launching as the first product that features Magic Rock’s newly refreshed branding – expect to see more exciting advancements over the coming months.

Pick up Murk-Life Balance from the Magic Rock webshop here, or available at selected Tesco stores from 14th September.