Magic Lager: No Tricks - Magic Rock Brewing

Magic Lager: No Tricks - Magic Rock Brewing

We’ve always been big fans of Lager at the brewery; it’s what we drink after work and take home the most. Afterall the reason It’s the most popular session style in the world because it’s arguably the most drinkable, right? As requests for a workhorse bar-staple lager from our customers have gathered pace, we decided to take a closer look at our Lager ‘Dancing Bier’ and ask ourselves if it was fulfilling what we wanted it to be?

Yes, it’s a delicious Lager, but is it a bit malty or as crisp as it should be?

Yes, we love the hop profile from the Saphir hops, but is it almost ‘too hoppy’?

We went away and had a good long look at the beer, and we’re happy we‘ve now answered these questions with a subtle re-working of the recipe. We’ve lightened the malt to make the beer crisper, reduced the hopping a touch to balance it out and dropped the ABV a smidge to 4.2% to make it even more drinkable.

While we were at it, we decided we’d change the old name to make it more memorable on the bar, to read what it is at a glance, a lighter crisper Lager with a refined hop character. Say hello to…. MAGIC LAGER…. No tricks.

*Please note for the time being the packaged version of the beer will remain in Dancing Bier cans while we work through empty can stocks