IPA Day 2012 @ The Grove - Magic Rock Brewing

IPA Day 2012 @ The Grove - Magic Rock Brewing

Its the time of year again! If you love hops Thursday 2nd of August is the date for your diary (if it isn’t in there already). Its the date of the 2nd annual International IPA Day, when hop-heads across the globe unite in their love of all things Lupulin.

We had an excellent time last year at Mr Foleys in Leeds but this year we’re heading down to our unofficial brewery tap The Grove at Springwood, Huddersfield for a night of hops, hops and more hops.

As any hop-head knows hops are best drunk fresh, so in attempt to deliver the hoppiest experience of the year, all the IPA’s pouring at The Grove on IPA Day will be from the best of the UK brewing scene. The beers will all be recently brewed, packaged and delivered in fresh, rather than flown halfway round the world and stored in warehouses for 6 weeks while the hop character deteriorates. .

If that wasn’t enough of a guarantee of freshness, The Grove and ourselves have got hold of two ‘Hop Randalls’ to play with for the evening. If you’re not familiar with a ‘randall’ its a device pioneered by US Brewery, Dogfish Head, which allows you to percolate finished beer through whole hops to deliver extra fresh hop aroma and flavour to the beer just before it gets to the tap, Sounds good doesn’t it?

On the night two beers will get the ‘randall’ treatment, firstly we’ll be pouring our regular Cannonball IPA alongside a Simcoe ‘randalled’ version so you compare and contrast how the extra dry hop affects the aroma and flavour of the beer.

Secondly our friends at Quantum Brewing have teamed up with The Groves own ‘Bitches brewing’ division to brew a special IPA for the evening which will also get drawn through lovely whole hops on its way to your glasses.

If that wasn’t enough there will also be a fresh keg of our Double IPA, Human Cannonball lurking on the bar for the more intrepid hop head as well as loads of other excellent UK IPA’s and some special offers on bottle and draught.

The beers start pouring from 4pm and we’ll be giving a little talk about IPA’s and hops around 7pm. If you love hops you really can’t afford to miss this evening, get down to the Grove, satisfy your hop cravings and help us celebrate International IPA Day in style!