Core cans re-design - Magic Rock Brewing

Core cans re-design - Magic Rock Brewing

We have been in the process of re-designing our core cans for the last few months and are now ready to unveil the new designs. So why are we changing the designs of the cans? Well…

When we first introduced our 330ml cans onto the market in late 2015 we felt they were some of the boldest designs around and easy to spot on the shelf/in the fridge. We loved the colourful understated but recognisable character based designs which Rich had come up with.

As with the business (and life) in general our design has moved on since then and we felt it was time to bring the 330ml core can designs in line with the labelled can artwork which we’ve had such great feedback on. There is so much fantastic artwork in beer now that we felt it was time for a slightly bolder look which would stand out a bit more on the shelves/in the fridges.

Of course the decision to update the artwork on the cans was effectively made last year with the introduction of our gluten free IPA Fantasma, that can if you’re familiar with it, stands apart from the original artwork with a much bolder pattern based design and black lids. Once we’d made the decision to use that design the fate of the old designs was effectively sealed.

The process of moving the other core cans over to the new artwork is well under way, the first eight are designed and we’ll be switching over to the new designs as soon as the current can stock is ran down. The first (or second if you count Fantasma) of the new art-worked cans coming off the line is Inhaler, packaging this week, and the rest will follow through the year. There are two remaining designs to complete and we expect to be completely switched over to the new designs by the end of the year.

As you might have noticed from the designs above we are excited to be introducing Saucery our 3.9% Session IPA to the line-up in the coming months. We felt the current range was missing an easy drinking Session IPA and with the fantastic response we’ve been getting to the keg, Saucery is that beer.

To make way for Saucery we’ve made the decision to drop Rapture from the core can line up, we’ll still be producing Rapture for cask and keg but as I mentioned at the beginning, things move on, and the love for amber ales is just not there anymore (at least in can anyway). We still have some volume of Rapture cans to package but once they’re gone we won’t be packing anymore.

We’re really happy with the direction the new designs have taken and feel they are both strikingly different and yet recognisably Magic Rock, we hope you like them too.

Photos by Sam Needham