Clown Juice, India Wit Ale... - Magic Rock Brewing

Clown Juice, India Wit Ale... - Magic Rock Brewing

We’re brewing another Special today, one I’ve been looking forward to for a while, its what we’re calling an ‘India Wit Ale’ meaning a dry hopped strong Belgian style Witbier.

The beer ‘Clown Juice’, will use a combination of pale barley and wheat malts in the grist to give it a classically hazy ‘wit (white)’appearance, and will also include traditional flavour additions of bitter Curacao orange peel and coriander seeds.

True to style the beer will be lightly bittered and use a Belgian Wit Ale yeast strain to deliver the fruity and tart notes associated with this style. It will also be un-filtered and hazy in appearance but that’s where the traditional stuff ends.

We’re intending the beer to be a bit stronger than the average Belgian/Dutch wit at around 7.0% abv, it’ll also have lots of Cascade whole hops for the main flavour addition in the hop back and a big whack of Amarillo dry hops in cold conditioning. All being well the beer will be ready in 3-4 weeks and is all destined for keg, we hope you all like it! tasting notes are below.

Clown Juice: India Wit Ale 7.0%

“A decidedly light hearted take on a European classic. An extra pale body and subtle bitterness set the tone letting the speciality Belgian yeast shine, while Curacao Orange and Coriander add fruity, spicy notes. True to form we decided to clown around with sack loads of our favourite US hops in the hop back and in cold conditioning. The result is a beer to lift the spirits and make you smile, not one for the purists maybe but whoever took a Clown seriously?”