Brewday #5 Dark Arts Surreal Stout - Magic Rock Brewing

We brewed our 5th beer today, Dark Arts is a 6% full bodied stout and the 5th and final beer in our core range.

We hadn’t planned to brew it for a few more weeks yet but as we had fermenting space available we decided to fit the brew into the schedule so we can offer as much choice as possible to our customers from day 1.

The brew used a combination of 4 different malts of varying colour and in addition to bittering hops a big whack of whole US and UK hops in our hopback.

Apologies for not being more explicit recipe wise but we know that it’s early days and the beers may need a tweak here and there.

This was our most trouble free brewday so far, everything ran like clockwork and it feels like we’re really getting used to the nuances and rhythm of the brewkit.

We’ve now brewed all 5 beers and this was the 4th brewday in a row that we didn’t have any complaints from our neighbours on the site which is really good news.

I love Stouts and I’ve loved Stu (our head brewers) Stouts in the past so I’m really excited to see how this one turns out.

Dark Arts ‘Surreal Stout’ will be available in cask and bottle soon. There may also be a preview of the beer at one of our launch nights.

Some pictures from the day are below.