Brewday #4 Curious Original Pale Ale - Magic Rock Brewing

Two brewdays in a row! Today we brewed our fourth core beer and the one we expect to be making most of our 3.9% ‘Original Pale Ale’ Curious.

While we love big flavourful IPA’s we’re under no illusion that 90% of our potential customers and particularly our local market want a sub 4% beer that they can happily sink a few of without needing an early night.

On the flipside there’s no reason why a sub 4% beer has to be bland, watery and boring. We wanted to make a session beer that satisfied the ‘hop-heads’ but also worked as a quenching, moreish ‘session’ beer.

Curious uses a mainly pale malt base and 7 different US hops. In addition to kettle hops we used over 12Kg of whole leaf US hops in our hopback (a similar hopping rate to our bigger beers) to give the beer a piney citrus bite and moreish bitter finish.

If there’s one style of beer that the UK excels at its tasty session beer and we hope with our ‘big hopped’ session beer Curious we’ve continued that tradition but given it a slight twist.

We now have all four of our first core beers brewed and at varying stages of conditioning. All four will be available at our launch night on Tuesday 21st June at The Grove, Huddersfield.

Curious will be available on cask only for the time being.