Brewday #3 Rapture Red Hop Ale - Magic Rock Brewing

We brewed Rapture today our 4.6% red hoppy ale. We’re big fans of red ales at Magic Rock, these beers have a more complex malt character than pale ales but also work really well packed full of hops.

We used a variety of malts including Crystal Rye, Vienna and Dark Crystal to achieve the desired red colour and again heavily hopped the beer using 6 different US varieties in the kettle and hopback.

Our brewdays seem to be getting smoother as we familiarise ourselves with the kit, and apart from spraying a 10ft cartwheel of boiling hot wort out of the hopback for a few seconds, today again went well.

We also racked half of last weeks brew of High Wire to cask today, the other half is in a holding tank waiting for bottling in a couple of weeks.

Rapture ‘Red Hop Ale’ will be available in cask and bottle soon.